we are collecting ghost stories.



mumu is tagalog for ghost

pronounced mu-moh

This is an open call for those moments when we first caught glimpse of a darkness that defined the edges of our fear, floating on the timbre of a hushed whisper. With that wilderness in our mind and flutter in our gut, these were the stories that ushered us across waters, through shadows, into the other-land. 

We all have a relative that held our hand down that passage, passing down ghost stories like an heirloom that unlocked our sense of beyond. There was comfort in knowing that this candle lit fear was shared.

MUMU is a storytelling preservation project, exploring the haunted identity of Filipinos and reigniting ritual gatherings in the name of our beautiful ghosts. As we find this connection wearing thin and a cultural pastime replaced with texts + glowing screens, MUMU welcomes these darker, spoken moments.

. . .

Susmaryosep & Co. is a collective of curious individuals, seeking the unknown behind the door.